Ian S Vogel, writer, video game designer and malcontent

The Next HBO?

The most interesting company operating in video games right now? From a business perspective, you’d have a hard time finding a better candidate than Amazon.

Here is a hardware platform holder, a game publisher, a network of studios, a retailer of terrifying reach and, through Twitch, a significant media outlet. No company has ever come close to operating in the game business on all these multiple levels.

No-one is foolish enough to use a discredited piece of jargon like ‘synergy,’ but that is really what we are talking about. In game industry terms, it’s the mother of all corporate synergistic mind-melds.

– Colin Campbell for Polygon

Of course, there are lots of things about Amazon’s games effort right now that are very much in the realms of potentiality. The Fire hardware platforms are a bit humdrum, the games are unknown and the way all the pretty company parts fit together is a seriously formidable business challenge. This is what makes it interesting.